Happy Garden

    Since its establishment in 2006, Kangmei human resources department has always held the core values of "brave responsibility, challenge and excellence", as well as the concept of "people-oriented, talent is the core resource of the company", combined with the requirements and standards of the development of the company at various stages of the company. The work of mining and training. Up to now, we have successfully organized more than 100 high-quality and high-quality internal and external training, at the same time, supplemented by the way of studying overseas, and gradually set up a team of internal lecturers with Snibe characteristics, casting a batch of qualified personnel for the company. At present, most of them have become the core and key staff of the company. .

In Snibe

    Work? Or life? The fish and the bear's paw can be both! In Kangmei biology, employees have comfortable working environment and rich amateur life, and the fate of the new industry is closely related to people's work and life. We have a lot of conscientious face, annual meeting, Department trip and other rich team activities, as well as birthday meetings, basketball, badminton, mountain climbing, swimming and other colorful amateur activities. The company is equipped with tea room, gym, support and enrich the life of the staff!